How can you get involved

We invite you to join Homebase Orphan Care in becoming a Partner in Prevention. As a Partner in Prevention, your regular monthly support will enable us to prevent the removal of children from their bio families. 

The best way to rescue a child out of foster care is to prevent them from entering the system. The DFPS investigates over 280,000 reports of abuse and neglect every year. Over 66,000 cases are confirmed resulting in the child being removed from the home to be placed with other family members or foster care.

In many instances, the CPS Caseworker will discover various needs which if left unmet could result in the child being removed from the family. Homebase works with DFPS as a Partner in Prevention to meet these needs in order to keep children in the home. The needs can range from fuel expenses to keep the parent working until they receive their first paycheck to bedding for the children.

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If you are looking for a way to get involved, please feel free to contact us.
We exist to Make a Difference One Child at a Time.

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